It was an incredibly cold and windy weekend at Pine Top, but all three horses held it together in dressage despite the daunting weather.

Sabrina apparently wowed everyone with her preliminary dressage test, and to top it off she pulled out a double clear round stadium!

Benny started back at training level and though his dressage test still leaves room for improvement (he tried very hard according to Maddie) he also pulled out a double clear round stadium.

Rivan was the star of dressage (no surprise there) giving way to a score of 26.4 for his first training test back. Though this still landed him in second place – go figure? But he too went double clear stadium.

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I can’t help it when they’re all superstars!

All three went clear cross-country yesterday. Rivan was a tad strong, Benny was awesome as usual and Sabrina is a cross country machine. I think Molly made it round well on all three with just a couple time faults here and there.

The final tally? Sabrina got 3rd place, Benny got 9th and Rivan ended up in 3rd. Not bad for the big wig’s first show back this season!

Maddie said Sabrina’s stadium was phenomenal to watch, and this show was great because all working students got to go watch everyone go round cross-country. Sometimes it’s so busy only one student can be spared at a time to not get horses ready, but this time they were all able to enjoy every ride which is awesome!

Maddie is having so much fun – she thinks it was warmer last year but that doesn’t matter because everything is wonderful in Aiken. She has her sights set on prelim by the last Pine Top before they head home!

All the horses who are going to Paradise Farm this weekend will go school cross country at the playground which is Gibbs tomorrow. This includes: Smiley, Red Horse Harry, Toulousse, PIney, Leto, Carson, Zhen and Fabio.

All three girls will make their Aiken debut at Paradise this weekend. Hannah and Robyn will ride beginner novice, and Maddie will start out the season at training.

How are they all going to ride and still get Molly’s horses ready to roll? Thankfully at Havarah we have a lot of helpful hands who offer to volunteer their time for some fun in the sun. Quinn, Jenn and Maddie’s mom will be there to help and John has his two horses going as well.

This will be Maddie’s first event since the AEC so she is excited to show off all of her hard work and dressage preparation. Good luck girl I know you’ll show ’em how it’s done!

Good luck to all the girls tomorrow, and don’t forget to check out the previous post as to how you can donate to the Lesley Long benefit auction!

Robyn Staying Warm

Maddie Making Sure Sabrina Knows Where She’s Going

Sabrina on Course

Molly Rockin’ the Nunn Finer Breeches