I pretty much do a daily check on accuweather in hopes of seeing thunderstorms and showers so that the ground will stay good and the grass will stay green…all last week the weather forecasters were wrong and daily got my hopes up only to be let down. FINALLY on Friday night we had a lovely storm. Saturday morning I took Charly over to the Fair Hill “park” and had a fantastic gallop. He feels so much stronger and way more mature than when he was doing this same gallop last year. Bryce and I have been watching the Stuart Horse Trials on U Tube and realizing just how fit the horses need to be to get around that course. My class list is also posted now on the Stuart cite and Charly and I have some VERY difficult company!

Charly’s gallop was just the start of my perfect Saturday because I then was invited out to the North East River with Luke and Sara Allen a few of their good friends, my roomate (Jane) and my boyfriend (Bryce). It was a perfect crowd, a lovely boat and we got to play on some very cool toys. I now can wake board decently on a straight line, turning right and some times can even stay on for a turn to the left… I’m glad that I can be happy with small progress! Luke and Sara are both excellent at the water sports and provided us great entertainment with all their athletic endeavors.