This last weekend my student Camilla competed at the NAYRC championships in Kentucky with her fancy pants horse, Remington.  To say that she made me proud is a complete understatement.  I have to say that as much as I truly wish I was there to see the Area II team in action, I truly felt at peace being back in PA.  Camilla and Remington have built up a great partnership in their time together, and really seem to understand how to work with each other.  They took a logical, step by step approach to getting to the NAYRC championships and from this they were truly prepared for the level of competition they were faced with last weekend.

Camilla has worked hard in all three phases of the sport and this last weekend was proof that her time has been well spent!  Earning a sub 40 dressage score in the FEI CCI * class, going double clean in xc and then again in SJ earned her the individual gold medal and helped to secure the team gold medal for Area II. As if that wasn’t grand enough she then also won the horse fitness award. It has been very important to me that along her path in becoming a great upper level rider that she also understand how important it is to know her horse and to do the right thing for the particular horse that she’s working with.  
All of us at MKE want to congratulate Camilla on a job well done, as well as the parents, grandparents, friends and team-mates.  A very special thank you to Remington’s farrier, veterinarians and to the farm owners of Principia Stables for providing the resources that have helped Remington and Camilla along their way to winning the NAYRC GOLD MEDAL!!
**Remington has enjoyed a bag of apples and carrots and is currently peacefully resting in his cushy stall….  After he cribbed til his hearts content on his water buckets.  **