Today we left Pennsylvania and brought, Charly, Sprite and two students horses to the beautiful Stuart horse trials. A great trip in the morning, good rides, nice HOT course walk… then it was time to go to the Hotel. By this point we all agreed that we couldn’t number our preferences which included -eating -showering and -sleeping. Well all three got a huge delay when we arrived at “The Budget Inn”. I was in charge of hotel accomadations -told to book 2 rooms and of course I found the most economical place (that’s just my style). NO GOOD. This place was so scary, that I was afraid of becoming the next tv show on 20/20. The manager and his family kept making up policies which basically made it impossible to get our money back. I finally caved and decided to leave, money in hand or not. I’m hoping to find a way to dispute the charge. Irregardless, I learned a lesson today… pay the extra $10 a night for clean sheets, and nice people.

Now as we fled the scene and caught up with the second half of our party at TGIF- a new plan was instilled. All hotels were called and the only one with a room left was the top of the line fancy one. We all agreed to have a sleepover together and bunk it up in the NICE place. When we arrived they came with a golf cart to help us carry our bags. The beds are fluffy, the people smile, and I am clean from a nice shower… life is once again good, and Im off to bed!