For those of you on the edge of your seats waiting for a recap of Havarah’s weekend in New Jersey, my apologies for my not-so-hasty update.

Although it was a long weekend, starting with Molly’s alarm being set before 4 a.m. Saturday and ending with a tire blowout Sunday evening prolonging the crew’s arrival to after 10 p.m.; it was also a really good weekend.

The weekend was a huge improvement for our preliminary stars: Rivan, Benny and Sprite. Both Rivan and Benny seem to be taking to the level really well (having this being their second prelim since their move up). Sprite competed in her first show back this summer (bummed I missed it this pony is my favorite horse to attend to at shows).

Molly said she jumped around amazingly in show jumping – one of the few double clear rounds on a course that was pulling a lot of rails.

Connemara’s Cody and Grady completed their first event at beginner novice, scoring in the 23’s and 24’s for dressage and jumping round the courses well.

John Nunn was a superstar with his horse Smilelikeyoumeanit scoring a 35 in dressage, even while horses were flying by going cross country, and only pulling a couple rails stadium – from what I hear, this was a MEAN stadium course.

Jenn, John’s daughter, completed her first recognized event! Congrats to Jenn Nunn! You will be seeing this girl in her hot-pink attire atop her spotted partner, Maiden.

I know, I know – this post is short… but oh so sweet! Stay tuned for more recaps and getting to know the rest of the wonderful people that make up Team Havarah!