For those of you weekly followers, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Although we haven’t yet begun profiling the four legged creatures owned by those who keep Havarah Equestrian running on a day to day basis – the working students – I thought it best to do a quick recap of the excitement we at the farm have had in the past couple weeks.

Like any professional, even though Molly had to deal with the tragedy of Clyde’s injury, she had to keep her horses in training moving, and showing.

Hard work definitely pays off – Molly had a very successful two weeks at the Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy. Last weekend she took home the blue on Archie, solidifying his readiness to move up from novice to training.

Sabrina moved from prelim to intermediate this past weekend, Rivan and Benny moved up to prelim, Leto moved to novice, and Archie, Indie and Ankhe took a go at training level.

Molly was extremely proud of all of her mounts. Sabrina cruised around the intermediate course like she’d been doing it all her life, Benny put in his best test yet, Indie took 5th and Archie was a superstar.

While it is always exciting to hear how the horses did at the show, I find it even more exciting to look at their careers. The majority of these horses began their careers in Aiken, and now they are competing at training and preliminary!

In addition, When I first joined the Havarah team back in October, Molly’s business was really starting to take off. However, Charly was, at the time, her big horse. When he wasn’t able to finish the Fair Hill International and had to take time off for an injury, Molly’s upper level entries had to be put somewhat on hold.

Now, she has three horses competing preliminary and one horse intermediate – all of us at Havarah are so proud of her! We also can expect to see these training horses making the jump to prelim in the near future. Leto can take it a little slower and enjoy novice as he’s still only four! :).

Furthermore, all of these horses, and one incredible pony, are very talented and are expected to keep movin’ on up.

What an amazing time this must be for Molly: to walk down her barn aisle and look in the eyes of her possible international competitors.

I can’t imagine the pride and excitement she must feel on a daily basis, knowing she has the ability to ride incredible horses and help them reach their full potential.

One thing I am able to have a read on his watching Molly’s partnership develop with these horses. She has come to predict their actions, know what they need to push them to the next level – these horses truly trust her. They have developed from “horses in training” to partnerships. I have personally only managed this with one horse, it must be wonderful to be able to ride so many horses and have a special relationship with each one.

Havarah Equestrian is also awaiting the arrival of a few more horses shortly! We will be receiving some more of the Connemara’s we have come to love and a brother to a dutch warmblood/paint. We are excited for some more future superstars!

Lastly, Clyde is looking fabulously healthy, perky and ambitious. He’s already got his eyes back on Panda awaiting his moment when he will be able to begin stalking her again.

Amazingly, all is well and better than normal at the barn. Funny how things work out.