Aiken is great in so many ways, but relaxing isn’t one of them! At least not for my barn crew; we’re lucky enough to have a full stable and lovely horses. Most of them are young ones and I feel very strongly that their time here in SC is well spent… meaning we are ALWAYS doing something with them.

Luckily I started feeding McCauley’s “Top Ten” – this feed has really helped get some good condition on the younger horses and provide adequate nutrition to those in heavy work. I highly suggest this plus the Rice Bran Oil for those less than plump ponies.

This year my horses started off at the level they were competing at last season and have just now moved on to the next level.

I am happy to say that our homework was done very well in two of the three phases… yup that means one of them still needs some attention! Eventing is definitely the best sport to keep one humble. All the horses were lovely in their dressage and so bold on their cross country, but the difficult show jumping track was tough… this week and next there will be some definite practice days!

I am still very proud of these horses, they are all fine athletes and most definitely game to do their job.

Final 2 weeks in Aiken!!