Back in October of 2008 I met the most adorable and incredibly shy little girl;  6 and a half years later this little Hannah has grown into a remarkable young lady.  Hannah didn’t start out as a regular student but instead immediately immersed herself into the day to day lifestyle of an active training program.
For me to write out and share all of the fabulous, scary, sad, exciting, crazy, tiring and life changing things that have happened in the last 6+ years, I would create a VERY long blog!  Hannah has stepped up the equestrian ladder with the help of some wonderful (albeit sometimes naughty!) ponies and horses.  I am so thankful to have gotten the chance to watch her learn and progress as well as partake in the process.  Beyond going from pony rider to FEI rider to race horse exercise rider to OTTB trainer Hannah has become an excellent care-giver to my horses in training for upper level eventing.
Hannah has a natural talent for nurturing.  If any of you have been around her in the barn you’ll notice  how all of the horses are so happy and comforted as she takes care of them.  Her love and kindness to all of the horses will be GREATLY missed; however, all of us here at MKE are so excited for her to take her next step in her life.  Hannah is off to college in August with plans of getting her CNA to work in the hospital.  I think anyone getting Hannah as their nurse will be exceptionally lucky.  I haven’t met many people as caring and kind as this young lady.  
Below are a few moments in time over the last 6 + years- please share your photos and memories that you have of Hannah… time for a really big scrap book!
Last but not least a very special thank you to Pattie, Hannah’s awesome mom, for all that you have made possible for Hannah … and for the fabulous photos!! 
Hannah and Mistletoe 
Hannah and Ben leased kindly from Dr. Anderson
Hannah and her DWB mare Zhen practicing for their first FEI competition
Hannah and Zhen jumping around the Fair Hill CIC *
Hannah and her OTTB, Mason, at one of his first outings.

Hannah leading the “cool-out” at one of Sabrina’s FEI events
Hannah keeping the Aiken ’14 barn in proper order 🙂
Hannah is good at many things, but she is incredible with the horses and their “pre” show nerves.  All the horses love hang out time with Hannah…. as do the riders!