As we posted before one of our long time team members, Hannah Metz, will be off to nursing school this August.  Lucky for us we have Katie Mays, a life long horse gal and a Equine Science college graduate to help me train up the next generation of MKE team members.

Our barn works mainly out of Kirkwood, PA where we are lucky enough to train our eventing horses out in the Andrews Bridge hunt land.  We actively compete in Area II with horses of all ages and levels.  We also spend a few months in the winter working down south to give our horses a good healthy start to their seasons. Our working students handle all aspects of horse care and training- to me it’s incredibly important for my riders/students/employees to really truly “know” the horses.  The actual program varies for each individual working student depending on if they come with or without a horse and what their personal goals are.

Requirements- Good character; honesty and reliability

Please contact me with any questions!  We will be starting trials right away and will be looking to have the position filled by August.