MK Equestrian owes our success and ability to successfully operate a bustling event facility to the teamwork of a core group of people.  We are a tight knit group who all share the same common passion for horses.  Molly is so appreciative of the support and dedication from the following group of people who keep MKE operating to the fullest of our potential!

MasonOCTwinBRyce-BRYCE-  The mastermind and Great Oz behind the curtain.  This guy is not only one supportive husband throughout the rough spots of the sport but he GETS the sport.  Bryce is our key tech support for the business side of the operation, and he even jumps in to help get our horses fit on their trot and gallop sets.  Bryce is still the number one jock for the silly young horse that doesn’t know it’s job too well.  At the end of the day everyone appreciates Bryce’s “sense of humor” and fantastic grilling abilities. He’s our resident barn stud 🙂

-ROB – The daily go to guy for everything around Principia Farm; from fixing a down fence, keeping the barns in top shape and keeping the girl’s spirits up wit his impressive whistling talents.  Rob shows up to Principia Stables to take care of the horses (and his girls) no matter the weather or the circumstances.  They don’t make ‘em like this fellow anymore!

-BETSY- Our Resident Barn Mom!  Betsy’s resume and talents far outshines this list which includes: training with Mrs. Hassler (Scott Hassler’s mom), breeding and raising sport horses, and raising 3 amazing children!  Betsy is ALWAYS around to take care of us as we seem to ALWAYS need the Barn Mom.  She covers when we’re short handed at horse shows, watches over the horses over the winter, and always makes sure the people and horses have delicious treats ready and waiting.



PUTTIN on the RITZ – The Klavans Family 

THE DIESEL BOY- Ron & Densey Juvonen, Robyn Weaver, Molly Kinnamon

MK’s CONCORD DAWN – Molly Kinnamon

The following sponsors set the industry standard in the feed, tack, supplement and rider apparel categories and Molly is so thankful for their years of support:  CWD Saddles, Nunn Finer, Triple Crown Feeds, Charles Owen Helmets, Omega Alpha, and Kerrits Equestrian Apparel! 

Our amazing veterinarians and farriers are Dr. Kathleen Anderson and associates at Equine Vet Care, Dr. Steve Berkowitz and associates at Unionville Equine Associates and Steve Teichman of Chester County Farriers.


Principia Farm is owned by the Hulme family.  Originally from England,  Andrew and Allison Hulme really fell in love with the beauty of the Andrew’s Bridge community.   The farm is nestled in the center of Andrew’s Bridge Hunt country with topography perfect for conditioning, and the Hulme family recognized the importance of this benefit for event horses and riders.  Every year the Hulmes continue to help improve the farm and to develop it as one of the best training facilities in the area.  Together we agree that the number one priority operating an equestrian business is to ensure that the horses are happy and healthy; and the facility at Principia Farm provides that environment. 

The Hulme family is vested in the equestrian industry and that tradition carries on through their daughter, Sophie Hulme, who is studying abroad at Hartpury in England, pursuing her passion with event horses and Equine Science studies.

MKE is fortunate to have such a fabulous partnership with our facility owners.


We would also like to show our appreciation for the amazing equine community in Kirkwood who have helped make this farm a home for Molly, Bryce and the MKE business. We are in the heart of Andrew’s Bridge Hunt Country, which offers wide open vistas and an equine community second to none!