A huge thank you to my web-master and husband Bryce Kinnamon, the website is up-dated!

You’ll see some exciting new sales horses listed.  Many of these are fairly new to our program, but I know them all well enough to have a solid idea of what type of rider will work best for them.  As always please call or email as I’d love to help place you aboard your next horse, or help place the one you’re currently trying to sell.

We have had a wonderful summer; we sold some fabulous horses to absolutely wonderful homes, had some great competitions, learned a lot and we acquired some new students to our program.  I feel lucky!  It’s now time to look forward to where, what and how from here.

2014 is less than 2 months away, wow!  I never look forward to leaving home for 2 months, but I sure do look forward to being in Aiken.  This year is no exception as we will be calling Farmfield Plantation our home away from home. This place has great pastures, riding areas and a HEATED wash stall 🙂 🙂 🙂  Located within minutes of our many Aiken XC schooling options and events- it’s sure to be a great time.  We have room for a few more horses in training and a few more students so email soon for more information.

For those of you that need/wish to stay in Pennsylvania for the winter- Principia Stables (our Kirkwood, PA training location) will stay open and will have available stalls for winter boarding.

Last but not least Havarah Equestrian has officially done a name change to MK EQUESTRIAN, LLC. “Havarah” has a lovely meaning and is of large importance to me- I have not lost faith that my business can be kept to working with people in my “havareim” .  However, I am very proud to be a Kinnamon (married for a whole year now!).

All the best and please be in touch for winter training and horse sales!
Molly Kinnamon