There’s been a whirlwind of excitement going on around Kirkwood, PA and luckily we’ve had the addition of Jenny Salinger here to help us get through it all!  Jenny and her horse Leo came to do a little eventing with us in Area II after spending the winter months training in the Lendon Gray Junior program in Florida.

Jenny came here and got right with the program; feeding, tacking, grooming and a good bit of riding.  However, after a majorly intense winter her boy Leo was in need of a little Kirkwood hospitality and relaxation… while Leo gets back to his old dapper self Jenny was catch riding anything and everything she could.  It became clear with in a short time that she was the match Wonder Woman has been looking for (aka Sabrina).

I’m proud to say that Jenny and Sabrina completed their first horse trial together today at the Plantation Horse Trial in Unionville, PA.  It was great to sit back as trainer and watch Sabrina show Jenny what cross country is all about!

I’m absolutely thrilled about this new partnership – Jenny and Sabrina both have quite a bit to offer each other, its a beautiful thing 🙂

As all of this is going on my other riders have been hard at work with their spring goals.  Quinn Anderson and the amazing Sprite completed their first Preliminary today… with a 0/0 show jumping round I might add!  Robyn Weaver was there as well winning her division of Training level with Sophie Hulmes “Annabelle”.

My rides had a rough day in their learning curve, but I guess if you choose to do this as a living these are the days I have to get through to enjoy all the good ones!  Besides with horses that look this good jumping it’s tough to be too upset!

Photos from Plantation Field – May 11, 2013 courtesy of Steve Berkowitz

Tomorrow we’ve got a whole lot of novice with our sales horses so I’m off to get some power sleep!
`Molly Kinnamon