Masterel is a 5 year old OTTB that is french bred and was quite successful overseas, but lucky for us didnt enjoy the racing lifestyle as much here on US soil.  With the help of Dr. Arensburg’s keen eye and Denis Glaccum’s eagerness to see  some good OTTB’s into good event horses Masterel landed a home here with us at MK Equestrian.

We have had this horse for a year and I am incredibly excited to let 2015 be his true start in the eventing world.  I feel it’s important for the OTTB’s to settle after they finish their first career.  Masterel spent 2014 learning about hacking out, tagging along to low stress fun adventures, figuring out this whole “dressage” stuff and quite enjoying himself showing off over fences- he’s quite the natural.

This video is of Masterel at a dressage lesson with Silva Martin on quite a cold day in November.