It truly was the domination of the mares this past weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials.

With Piny winning in her beginner novice division and Sprite taking home 4th preliminary – it was hard to deny the serious girl power which rounded out the weekend.

The boys still put in good performances. Doctor had a fantastic show jump round and gained some compliments from high profiled on-lookers.

Indy had a great weekend and was fabulous through all three phases, just had a couple of unfortunate rails in stadium but he still rounded out the weekend in the top ten – as usual for him.

The men of Havarah also had great weekends. Bryce, John Nunn and Andy made up the “dream team” this weekend and though no one took home the blues they all had very positive, fun weekends.

We will say goodbye to Tux tomorrow as he, at 9 a.m., will set out for his new journey and life in California (following in his brother Archie’s footsteps!).

We will have more information for you on that shortly but for now – stay classy PA and we will have more detailed updates for you shortly!

~Molly Gasiewicz