Today I adventured away from the frosty farm for a visit to my students school.  Quinn Anderson has been a student of mine for quite some time now and has grown in many ways.  As what often happens here at Havarah she has become a member of my “Havareim” her and her mother are dear friends of mine and very important members of my life.

Quinn talked in front of her entire school- as a young teenager I think this is a feat in itself!  She was on a microphone and ran a power point of pictures that reflected her discussion of how she has developed since joining along with Havarah.  In this talk she explained how she developed patience, determination and work ethic along the years with us.  I couldnt be more proud to have been along for the ride! 

Through the years I’ve watched Quinn grow into a confident and beautiful person inside and out.  Her character will get her far and Im excited to continue the ride with her and the rest of Havareim for years to come!