My favorite news I get to deliver to you is about Charly’s tail… For
all of you that don’t know, I love tails, no doubt about it. Charly has
a great one, therefore all the more fun to spend time making it the best
it can possibly be! So this winter (from the day after his last horse
show in
October) I let the top part of the tail grow out; usually I had it
clipped up so it would look neat and show off his handsome rear end….
NOW it is even better 🙂 After it grew out I decided that I would have
Charly looking “proper” which means that his tail needs to be pulled and
not clipped, sounds funny, I know, but it’s a big difference and it is a
definite time envolved plan. The pulling makes it look as if Charly
naturally has a perfectly shaped tail (at the top) instead of the whole
world knowing that it has been clipped to give the illusion of it being
“cute”…. so now he is “proper” and believe me he likes to show off his
tail; he’s conceited and I’m ok with that 🙂

Another cool topic is the fact that on the east coast there is truely
winter “training” time; on the west coast as soon as the holidays are
over you need to be getting fit b/c your first show is just a few weeks
away. Our first show isn’t until April (schedule to follow). As I
stated before for Charly to be as competitive in Intermediate as he was
at Prelim we have to make him longitudinally more supple and that will
make his canter more active and light. All of January Charly has been
learning to be forward while stretching while being soft “like butter”
in your hands… he looks so happy and limber it’s unreal… I’m very
excited! I’ve been lucky to have Danny around to help me out with his
Charly times, because Charly will always be Charly!

On Tuesday Danny was riding Charly while I was on Mark (did I mention
yet that it is time for Mark to get sold :(… ) The ride had finished
and we were on the way back to the barn when out came the super scary
BAG….Charly thought it was EVIL… proceeding to do some very quick
footwork, nearly un-glueing Danny (which is unheard of) therefore being
a very bad idea on Charly’s part. Needless to say with Danny’s “super
horseman” talented lik ways soon our boy was standing on top of the
scary BAG; it was impressive and should have been video taped!

Below is a tentative 2007 schedule for Charly; our plan is to get myself
and the boy out at Prelim to start out super confident and BECOME
precise before moving up to Intermediate. Perfect it at the lower level
to lessen the stress on Charly…

March 31-April 1 Morven Park – Preliminary

April 20-22nd Fair Hill (MD) – Preliminary

June 2-3rd Waredaca – INTERMEDIATE 🙂

July 12-15th MAUI JIM CIC ** (Wayne, Ill) Two Star CIC – no steeplecase

August 9-12th Millbrook (NY) INTERMEDIATE

September 9-12th Seneca Valley INTERMEDIATE (unless he goes to the

September 12-16th American Eventing Championships, Wayne, Ill (if

October —– CCI ** …. at the time of planning this schedule, Radnor
was our end destination, however the very next day Radnor gave notice of
terminating their event; supposedly there is a new 2 star at the
Virginia Horse Park… I believe it is the 24th-28th of October.

Charly and I always welcome vistors (he really welcomes them if they
come with anything edible for him, and him only); We’d especially love
to see you guys at some of his “parties”… I think that’s what he
thinks the shows are. If you are interested let me know and I’ll help
figure out which ones would be best for you and where and when to fly