Towards the end of the summer we got a new working student here at Havarah. Her name is Robyn Weaver.

I don’t know how Molly finds such amazing people to work at the barn – but I’m surely grateful she has such a keen eye because Robyn is the perfect addition to the Havarah clan.

At 18, Robyn recently graduated from High School and decided to put school on hold to further her knowledge and experience in horses.

Molly told me Robyn’s first day would be on one of my working weekends, and I’m not going to lie – I was greatly impressed right off the bat.

Robyn stepped right up to the plate instantly and when I gave her the job of cob webbing… oh man she cobwebbed the barns spotless!

There was no explaining the necessity of scrubbing water buckets, or why we are as anal about the little things as we are – she just easily molded into the flow of how things work around here which was so great.

Robyn’s relaxed, drama-free, can-do attitude it delightfully refreshing to be around. She really puts you at ease when working with her because she is so mellow and is just an absolutely sweet, kind-hearted person.

So, how did Robyn’s role at Havarah come to be? Well we have to back up a few years for this….

The girl has been around horses her entire life. I know, most of us have, but literally her parents met while they were both working students at a farm when they were teenagers. Adorable.

The family tree in the eventing scene is pretty cool. Her dad was in pony club and evented up to intermediate while her mom evented up to prelim level. The family started a breeding farm in the 90’s and operated it for about 10 years- this is the farm of which Robyn has always lived. Robyn’s dad is one of our county’s wonderful vets.. thus might be why Robyn is so smart!

Robyn hopped in the saddle as a toddler around 2 or 3 and rode with her mom at home until she was about 7. When she was 10, after a little break from riding, she got a job with Betsy and Ronnie Houghton at Sylmar Farm where she worked till age 15. She started galloping horses for them at 13, and got the opportunity to ride a pony, Ode for Joy, allowing her to win 3 out of 4 pony races! Thus her NEED FOR SPEED!!

When she was 16 she got another job at a breeding farm where she was she and another rider where in charge of all the under saddle work. THEN she came over to Havarah- there won’t be another job title after this one, as we wont let her leave here!

Robyn’s mom, who was her main trainer at the time, suggested Robyn start to take lessons from Molly. Robyn, who had only completed a phew starter trials having never been serious about eventing, wanted to know more about the sport. Mom’s do seem to always know best.

It didn’t take long for her to join the Havarah team after falling in love with Molly’s very patient and excellent instruction.

Her mount Stare Daggers, or “Fabio”, now resides at Havarah and Robyn hopes to take him training by the end of the year. Fabio was originally a re-sell project, but alas Robyn fell in love so now he has a permanent home with her.

In addition to her own horse, Robyn other current obsession is Rio, who is a Clydesdale, Thoroughbred, Connemara cross. She loves how intuitive he is and his willingness to learn.

Robyn will go down to Aiken with Molly, Hannah and Maddie where I’m sure she will have a blast and learn so much just as we all do in Aiken. So for all you eventers going South for the winter make sure to stop by the trailer and meet Robyn! I’m sure she will make you smile!