Life has an odd way of waking you up.  Right now there’s a lot going on; I’m not going to get into specifics but too many people I know are having health issues that could possibly change their lifestyles.  Luckily all of these people I’m referring to are fighters and I know that they’ll over come their obstacles and enjoy life more than ever.

You probably wonder why I want to talk competition when people out there are dealing with real life real hard stuff. Maybe the following story will help you understand.

I came out to the east coast in July of 2006 with the incredibly Havarah’s Charly.  I had BIG dreams and exciting things started happening out here in eventing mecca (PA/MD).  I was galloping race horses and really getting the feeling of pace, and the grit that it took to make things happen on a xc course.  Charly and I won the AEC’s that year and then a few years later won the CIC ** and placed 4th at the CCI **. Onto the developing riders list we went (USET!!!!) – this was absolutely such an honor and an amazing experience.  Charly and I had a lot of firsts together- I couldnt of asked for a better horse to have on my first Advanced and 3 star experiences.  Charly has since been retired from eventing- he spent a few years doing Junior 3 rd level dressage and is currently looking for his next role in life… still the most interesting horse I’ve ever been around.  What a character 🙂

There is a large chunk of my life that was literally ALL about Charly.  Everything I did in life was to better myself and Charly for our quest… to be Advanced competitors and compete for the USET.  As all things do, Charly’s era came to an end and I was highly un-prepared.

Luckily by that time I had met some absolutely amazing people out here in my new home.  I took the post Charly era as a time to develop a business on the east coast.  I get so much enjoyment out of teaching riders and horses and helping match make horses with appropriate riders.  I love my work.  Within my job I have been fortunate enough to keep competing and developing horses up the levels. My husband has been the most amazing support a girl could ask for; constantly encouraging me to shoot for the stars and never accept mediocracy.  I say that because I had put myself out there so much for the “Charly era” that I’ve been a bit shy of going back in for the big push to get it going again; to compete at such a high level takes more than want, it requires the support and generosity of owners, sponsors and the community.


Now what?  Finishing 2013 I have 3 horses that all have the ability to one day be advanced horses.

Puttin on the Ritz has stepped up in a major way thanks to the Klavans support and patience and fabulous guidance by Phillip Dutton. He has now finished very well in a CIC * and has 3 clean Intermediate rounds with a 2nd and a 3rd placing. “Benny” just finished his season by skipping around the SUPER wet Intermediate track at Loch Moy MD.  Never once complaining about the slippery wet footing.  He will now be done with competition for the season but absolutely will be keeping his muscles tuned and practicing to be even better next year.  Fair Hill 2014 here we come!

The Diesel Boy, born and raised at , came to me when he was a super adorable 3 year old.  He is now a heck of an athlete… with a little bit of adolescent ADD!  We have let him try his hand at the preliminary level at a relaxed pace this year.  His jumping ability and movement are fabulous.  I feel like 2014 in his 7 year old year many things are going to come together for him.

Bristol Indian is a 6 year old TB by Indian Charlie. This horse was born to jump xc.  Although he is quite green to the sport I would feel comfortable galloping him up to any combination out on a xc course.  With some time to help him develop the strength for the flat work this horse will be super cool.

In the Havarah’s Charly era I was lucky enough to have a fabulous group of people supporting Charly; The Minyan syndicate.  I think that for a rider to really put their best foot forward owners are really necessary.   The Minyan syndicate helped make me into who I am today and I’m forever grateful for them.  I think this is a fabulous sport and I would like to figure out a way to share my journey with others.  I look forward to the off season to continue my work with my students, sales horses and this developing string of true competition horses.  I hope that some of you will brainstorm with me to look into ways for me to keep my quest for USET level competition alive!

Many thanks in advance for any ideas or comments- send to

~Molly K.