This horse knows he’s awesome.

Another one of the three Kynymont Connemaras we have at Havarah, Tux is probably the one who looks most like a Connemara.

His bushy forelock and tail sort of give him away – but this horse (yes another horse at 15.2!) demonstrates the sturdiness of this breed.

From day one, Molly knew this guy could jump and he has continued to show us his scope. Mostly, he’s just proved that he is a good boy who puts in a solid performance every time out.

When we were in Aiken, SC, Tux really showed his potential as a junior or adult amateur horse. One of our talented working students, Maddie Parisan, started hopping on Tux between his full training and he proved to be that perfect amateur horse.

It was pretty cute watching Maddie, 12, steer Tux around a stadium course. Even though he was still a bit green, Tux seemed to enjoy his youthful partner and jumped around schooling courses like a rock star.

He, along with his brothers, started his Eventing career in Aiken, SC and quickly moved up from Beginner Novice to Novice, and now he is getting ready to move up to Training.

This horse just has a confidence about him. Once he figures something out, he owns it – and then knows he’s hot stuff. I think it’s this confidence that makes him so fun for Molly to compete.

He’s got great form over the fences and probably even has enough ability to be successful in the jumper arenas.

This handsome man is also for sale. If you are looking for a fun ride and a horse that will give you a consistent performance each time out. Tux is ready to make an amateur happy and bring home the blues!

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