Fall in Pennsylvania is about one of the most wonderful things a person can be part of in life.  The day we had at Plantation Field yesterday was one of the most perfect fall days I could’ve asked for.  We had great weather, beautiful scenery, many of our good friends and of course we can’t forget some horses that were seriously GOOD!

I had the pleasure of competing The Zoominator — I mean Zoomalong; his rider/owner Dr. Steve Berkowitz has needed to take a few weeks off so I gladly took over the ride.  Zoom and Steve have built an incredible partnership over the last year and Zoom is now a seriously great happy horse.  Zoom finished on his dressage score of 26.10 to lead his novice horse class.

My second ride is a new one at our place- Rissa.  This is a seriously talented horse that was in all the wrong sports for what she’s got to offer.  Now she’s landed into her element and whomever trains her up from here will have a lot of fun.  Rissa as well finished on her dressage score to lead her BN horse class (12.5!!!!) – This horse is for sale, priced very reasonably right now.

Beyond getting to ride two fantastic horses I also got to coach some lovely riders and their mounts they’ve worked very diligently with.  Robyn Weaver did a catch ride on Azrael (another horse we have for sale here), Betsy Weaver rode RIVEN… the magnificent black horse we all love so much, Jennifer Nunn aka the flying NUNN rode her OTTB Unwritten to some lovely jump rounds as did John Nunn with Beijing and Madeline Parisan with Lord Snowman.

Way to go team!

Next Sunday we’ll take a few out at Unicorn Starter trials and after that it’ll be paperchases, trail rides, off season training and most of all some holiday eating!

Enjoy some great pics taken from the one and only Steve B.