For any of you that follow along with MK Equetrian and our journeys you realize that each one of us have our own dreams, goals, and aspirations.  I just told a student last night in her dressage lesson that as long as she starts her ride with a vision of what she wants, and has an idea of how she wants that to feel- she’ll get there.  

Obviously each person’s vision can and should be slightly different.  From the pictures you’ll see below of a young lady and then her as a cute little girl; the focus and determination shows her vision is set.

I would like to personally congratulate my student, her family and her awesome horse on making it onto the NAYRC Area II championship team for the CCI *.  Camilla Grover-Dodge and Remington XXV have been a pleasure to work with.  Both very talented, athletic and driven for success.  In fact we attempted to give Remington a break after his busy spring season and he was not too pleased with us!  After chatting with Camilla’s mother, Justina, it sounds like Camilla gives them the same grief about “taking a short vacation”.  Remington and Camilla thrive on their day to day progress they obtain together, and this is why they make such a fantastic partnership.

Best of luck to all NAYRC members and I am thrilled for Camilla to be part of this super one star team.  

NAYRC KENTUCKY 2015 here we come!!!

Inoui Van Bost / Skyler Decker 
My Security Blanket/Ella Groner
Peter Pan / Amanda Clement
Remington XXV / Camilla Grover Dodge
Shannondale 54/ Morgan McCue
Twizzel/ Morgan Booth

Castle Jordan/ Kira Statue
Flinder’s Chase / Sunny Greene
Folk’s Hero / Quinn Riddle 
Wynthrop / Emma Stolzenthaler