Yesterday was Charly’s favorite day of the year; it was the day that he got to “see lumber” again. This is apparently the east coast terminology for jump schooling. Actually I think it’s a steeplechase phrase, but I thought it was cute.

Charly didn’t miss a beat he’s completely on his game and is looking in good form for his first competition at Morven Park in four weeks. To follow right along with how the rest of our winter work has gone, the jump school was slow in pace and huge in learning. Most of the jumping was done from the walk and I was amazed to find some amazingly minute details in my ways of riding to a fence that need a bit of fine tuning. Luckily I have Mark who requires the perfect ride even at 18″ so that I get myself fine tuned in the next few weeks!~

Thursday will be our first day of trot sets out at Fair Hill. For the next few weeks Charly will have two days a week of trot sets and then a gallop the week before Morven.