Sometimes as much as we LOVE Aiken… there’s nothing like the feeling of coming home.  You don’t realize how good you have it until you miss it 🙂  Puttin on the Ritz is a testimate of that, he has been such a happy guy since coming back to PA.

We came home slightly earlier this year as many of my students stayed back to keep up with school and work.  My business and goals for myself are as much about my students as they are about the competition horses and sales horses.  Many people focus their careers around one of those 3- but I haven’t been willing to settle to do just one, I get such enjoyment out of each of them and I feel each of the pieces makes me better at the others!

The horses that were in Aiken will resume competition at the Fair Hill event and MCTA.  I’ve given them a month of time to settle in and get some good hill work under their belt before we get back to the show ring.  My students that stayed home will start back up this weekend at the Plantation event.  (except for the few that swept the classes at Morven!)

I’ve taken my 1 spring vacation day and got some good relaxation at my father in law’s house- pretty soon I’ll get to go visit my mother and my father in law both.  That’s the biggest news I have- momma Rosin is relocating from Madera, Ca to somewhere near the beach out here on the east coast.  I cant wait 🙂 Many of you know momma Rosin; those of you out here on the east that haven’t you’ll need to go visit and enjoy some of the best home cooking you’ll ever get!

Here at Principia Stables we have major spring fever.  Cross country field got a make-over, the show jump field is ready to go and we all can’t get enough of our weekly canter hacks!

So much spring fever, I’m off to a well needed shower and bed… till next time!