As a horse trainer and professional rider my life seems to be constantly evolving. I love this as, there’s never any time to get bored! This year I’ve had some wonderful things come about. The biggest and most helpful has been the feeling of stability. I’m now training and managing “Principia Stables”, a fabulous facility in Kirkwood, Pa owned by the Andrew, Allison and Sophie Hulme. This has allowed me to really help horses develop because now I have the facilities for them to train out of.

So this year I started with a group of horses in training, some had a year of eventing under their belt and others were JUST starting. Now I’ve got a solid Intermediate mare, 3 at Preliminary and more coming up the ranks in BN, N and Training (depending on who sells this week!)

Im excited about many of them but currently the most proud of Sabrina. This mare gives it all she’s got all the time. She started out as a horse that was too hot for the dressage world so she came to eventing. Then eventers werent sure if she’d make it all the way or not. Im not saying it’s been all blues all the way- but I can feel that I have a solid horse under me that wants to do well.

This last weekend at Morven didnt pan out for us, but it doesnt matter. She’ll get a well deserved break after a long season and I can not wait for next year.

As for me and the others its show time! Maryland Horse Trials this coming weekend with Prelim horses on down to BN. We will be bringing out our MAN team of John Nunn, Andrew Goodwin and Bryce Kinnamon… so all you single ladies look out, well not fully two of them are TAKEN!! 🙂

Bye for now, off to ride and prep for Loch Moy MD HT and Kentucky Mid-south.

Molly Rosin