A few friendly faces you may encounter upon visiting our stable.

Quigley – Quiggles – Wiggly – Wiggles
Will respond to any of the above, working on title for BEST barn dog EVER. Quigley is getting up there in age, and please forgive him if he barks a bit… He feels very strongly about his duty as barn alert dog and does his best to keep us all informed.

Bobbi the cat- wonderful un-less you’re a bird or mouse-

Clyde The Glyde Drexler- the newest mascot, and with Alex Robertson in Florida for the winter, Clyde has taken on the role of vocal entertainer. Luke and Sarah Allen of Waterford Farm, raise the best puppies I’ve ever seen, I’m a proud owner of a border terrier now 🙂

Barn staff-
Kara manages all the daily hap’s of the ponies and keeps everything running smoothly.
Hannah and Molly Jr – wonderful working students with too many duties to post
and myself 🙂

All of us doing our best to bundle effectively!