The Minyans horse, “Havarah’s Charly”, got back out at the Advanced level today and showed that he is game and ready to carry on! Jumping in great form and cooling out well I feel really good about the future with this horse. I know that he is a horse of a lifetime and days like today are so special with him. I feel so honored to be part of his career!

Charly has a “mini me”, Beaujeste. Beau is a New Forrest/Welsh cross PONY. Looks and acts just like Charly! They are best friends and both super cool animals, one a pony, one a horse.

Beau is very new to the training level and at just 5 years old is really showing us some great talent. He’s still a little baby bugger and gets a bit excited, but once he gets out on course he is all buisiness!

Sabrina also competed this weekend and is feeling so so nice. She feels like she’s just moments away from truely getting it, and when she does, wow, watch out! My other mount, Sprite, and Sabrina both got spooked by a tigers trap going down hill on the cross country. Both horses are very game and not stoppers, so it was a bit dissapointing… but thats the sport… always something to work on!

MCTA and Plantation aren’t that far away 🙂