Since my last post many exciting horsey adventures have occured. Charly competed in his first Intermediate of 2008 and was a total champ, it was wonderful to feel how much more connected we have become since our Intermediate runs last year. Services Rendered has now completed his first two horse trials and is showing much talent as an event horse. HIghest Offer just finished second in a training level event at the Seneca Horse Trials, becoming one of my all time favorite cross country mounts. AND last but not least our summer addition to the east coast, Lauren Billys, finished second and third at her first two east coast events. Lauren is working towards moving up to Preliminary in a few weeks at the Maryland Horse Trials.

Charly’s next event is the CIC ** at Stuart which is known as a great event but really requires a fit horse. So in addition to his normal fitness regime Charly has added on swim practice into his schedule. 🙂 It’s pretty cool, I’ll try to get some pictures of him treading away posted.