Last weekend at Copper Meadows was an event of unusual sorts. First and foremost I want to send out gracious thanks to Carolyn Hoffos for being such a great organizer to make that event run under such difficult circumstances.
Secondly I’d like to be the first to say that having a day off in the middle of an event is a terrific way to gather thoughts, stay calm, have fun and most of all catch up on well needed sleep 🙂 It’s about as good as a daily siesta (sp?)
Our Havarah horses did great in the mud; Debbie Davis and her great stallion finished 1st in the Prelim rider division with a HUGE lead; Makers Mark was 2nd in the Open Prelim and both of the Sport Equine horses that Jim and Debbie rode did a spectacular job at their first events. Christina held her own with a 3rd place dressage ride and a terrific start to her first preliminary cross country ride…you go girl!