The crew arrived back from their long trip to Kentucky around 11 p.m. Sunday night. Man what a trek!

From the photos and reports it looks like it was a great weekend for our friends at Havarah. It was quite a crew that ventured to the bluegrass state. Molly, Robin, Kathy and Quinn Anderson, Nancy Winnings, and Nancy and Alyssa Klavens.

This was Miss Quinn’s first large road trip competing and she handled it like a rock star from Molly’s reports. She rode the best she’s ever ridden at a show with an improved dressage and beautiful stadium round.

Nancy rode her mare, Violet, in their second training competition and with a clean cross country round they finished 7th individually and 6th as a team.

Benny, competing prelim, just continues to prove himself and show Molly his true potential. Molly was able to notice him mentally mature from just Thursday through Sunday so this obviously was a huge deal for him.

Unfortunately Spritely, who was competing in the 1* as well, met her nemisis at a triple brush but she will hang out at home and compete at training level for a few more well-deserved years with her owner, Quinn and they will tackle young riders as a team when they are both old enough!

There’s a pretty cool clip of Molly riding Benny on Eventing Nation (Via YouTube).

It was a beautiful weekend (following a rainy, rough week) enjoyed by delicious food and good eats! Check out these fun photos to really see how the team represented in Kentucky!