Im happily sitting at my desk catching up on paperwork after a whirlwind week. We were all quite dissapointed to have the Plantation HT canceled due to an abundance of rain so last weekend when the forecast was looking awful for Fair Hill we all had knots in our stomachs. Luckily the storms were minor and the event ran as is and out of 6 Havarah horses we only lost one shoe in the mud!

Sabrina was entered in her first FEI event- she has really been coming into her own and Im getting very excited about her future. Her dressage and show jumping are still a work in progress on show day (pretty great in practice) but her cross country skills are right on. Mud in all this mare was brilliant on Saturday. We’ll be working on the show anxiety for the first and third phase and looking to enter a CCI *.

Sprite is now fully deserving of the name wonder pony. The dressage has been on a steady progression at each show- the jumping is getting GREAT. Double clean xc and sj left her in 5th place in a large division of Open Preliminary. What an athlete 🙂

Rivan gave me the brilliant dressage test we all crave and is getting more and more trained in the jumping phases. After losing a bit of confidence at Southern Pines he had one stop on cross country but was very positive after that. This horse is so talented mentally and physically!

Benny aka Puttin On the Ritz, completed his first training level!! This horse is an exciting project for me, he was a bit mis understood in his past and I love that his owners have given us the oppurtunity to find him some happiness. So far this sport seems to be a great avenue for him.

Maddie Parisan and her very own Carson completed training level- Maddie is very young and VERY talented. I’m so proud of her hard work and progress, she was brilliant in the jumping phases and has a bright future to look forward to.

MJ and Ohlala finished the Preliminary and have improved so much. Both are very talented and have great spirit about them.

Thanks for all of our support crew this last weekend especially Hannah Metz. Hannah is the girl behind the gleam on the coats and the ears pricked forward. As a rider and trainer I’ve realized that the horses really need their girl on the ground, Hannah is that girl- the horses love her and I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and thoroughness. We should have lots of videos and pictures available soon!