I’m a very happy girl about to tuck into bed and already of dreaming of riding Havarah’s own “Sabrina” tomorrow morning in her first FEI event. This is a huge step for a young event horse, their first top class event and a ride in a “LARGE arena!!”. Sabrina has only been eventing for just over a year, she’s a real tryer and I can’t wait to partake in her “BIG” weekend.

Beyond Sabrina this is just a big weekend. “Puttin on the Ritz” will be looking to do his first training level- he’s a very promising handsome young event horse owned by Nancy and Alyssa Klavens. Along with him my young wise cracker Maddie Parisan is also looking into completing her first training. Best of luck to these guys!

MJ and her sassy mare Ohlala will be in Preliminary along with myself and the fantastic wonder pony Sprite. Rivan had himself a well deserved rest after a action packed winter and is coming back to try his hand at the training course.

One of the most exciting parts of the weekend is enjoying the company of Principia Stables owners- the Hulmes family. Andrew, Allison and Sophie are delightful, fabulous humor and character at all times.

Off to bed…