A week ago, the fourth of July, us three girls(Asia, Rosella and myself), four horses (Swag, Lance, Malibu and Mark) and a dog(Mr. Quigles of course!) set off on a long adventure. The night before dragged on a bit long as we tried to organize four months worth of anything you could need for any type of weather; and to top it all off we were doing last minute rig re-configuration. Luckily Rosella seems to be a super handy type of a girl and stayed calm through 2 hours of wiring work, in the end we had lights, brakes and turn signals…
The first leg of the trip was supposed to be 15 hours, ending us in Wyoming at a fair grounds for a night of rest. Lesson number one of horse road travel, always add lots of time to map quest estimations (apparently they don’t understand that we have to stop and water horses and feed the trucks). So this trip actually took 20 hours which meant that we weren’t asleep til 4am the next day… needless to say we were exhausted.

The second leg was originally going to be 17 hours and take us all the way to our destination of the Wayne Maui Jim horse trials in Illinois. Being quick learners we new that 17 hours was a far off hope and we (Asia) found a really quaint nice place in Atlantic, Iowa. The land of corn fields. SO a shorter trip that day, but it was either driving or sleeping, we learned lesson number 2… if you aren’t needing to watch the road take a nap. Oh yes, lesson number 3… always take a Verizon phone if you want any service after you leave California until you get back into more civilized states… my Sprint phone finally started working in Illinois.

One more day of driving and we made it to the show grounds. The best news of all is that we stepped out of the truck and un loaded happy, alert, and healthy ponies. We quickly got to work setting up a little camping community with my long lost buddy Heather Morris who was at the show with her Texas barn mates. I of course couldn’t let myself catch up on sleep or even try to just chill; the next morning started off super early with 4 horses on my list to braid all needing to be finished by 7am. Well worth it when I watched our handsome horse Charly parade around the warm-up looking like a million bucks.

The show grounds was immaculate, GREEN grass and perfect weather made it the perfect way to lay over. Charly flew around cross country coming in 25 seconds under the time… I think the boy can run! The next day he jumped beatifully and finished his first CIC *. Not only does he seem to really enjoy the sport he also seems to be much more mature than the Charly that left California.

The final leg of the trip started at 3am Monday morning and we arrived into the ponies new home away from home at 6 pm that night. The horses have a great big barn to live in and lots of green grass in the big fields for turn-outs.

As for us girls, we still have a hotel. I hope to be bringing news of a cute apartment or cottage in the next post! If not I might have to be looking into a flight home for Mr. Wiggles… anyone ever flew a dog before?

Off to bed… I’m still trying to catch up!