Eight horses stepped off the trailers today to compete at Paradise Farm Horse Trials. The lucky crew included Fabio, Zhen, Red Horse Harry, Smiley, Leto, Toulousse, Carson and Piney.

Molly rode Piney, Leto and Toulousse today. Competition was stiff in Leto’s novice division as he got a 26 in dressage and still wound up in 10th. These baby event horses are stepping up their game!

Toulousse was absolutely fantastic and will make his father, Bryce, proud with his score of 29 and is in 2nd place in his novice division.

Robyn was only able to see a little bit of Molly’s test with Piney and though she was a little bit spooky, her movement is really coming through and Robyn loves watching this mare improve.

What’s perhaps the coolest part about this event is that all three working students and John Nunn were able to compete in addition to Molly.

Carson and Maddie got a 36 and Miss Maddie was very satisfied with this score for their fist time out but says there’s always room for improvement.

John was really happy with Red Horse Harry, and his daughter, Jenn, got to see her future horse strut his stuff.

Zhen and Hannah also competed, and though Zhen was a little nervous in the beginning Hannah rode her really well throughout the test and it just got better and better.

Robyn, very modestly, saved her performance for last. Fabio was amazing – he got a 35 in dressage, and Robyn is so happy with him even though they had a couple of “weird” moments he really pulled through and proved their hard work had paid off!

Some will show jump tomorrow and some will do cross country – but the girls are definitely excited for he rest of the weekend.

Despite the fact that EVERYONE was riding today, Havarah had a couple extra hands who helped make the day roll by smoothly. Thanks to Quinn and Jenn for your hard work!

Stay tuned to see how the rest of the weekend pans out!