At this year’s Fair Hill event we had spectacular weather and for me, nothing too grand about my finish.

I am proud and lucky to have qualified for and entered such a spectacular event, I realize that this in itself is a great accomplishment. I went there feeling like I had the skills and the mount for the task at hand. Fair Hill is a championship level 3 star course, if you complete there, Rolex 4 star is within grasp. Hind sight is 20/20 and I wish that I had done a lot of things different in 2010. Charly had half of 2009 off for an injury- obtained from stepping in a big hole en-route to the Bromont 3 star June of ’09. I don’t believe I gave him enough lower level events to prepare him back for the challenges of a 3 star. If I could re-do it, we would not have tried to get back in the game so quickly. There are a few wise people that I should’ve headed their advice, such is growing up I guess… I’ve learned from this mistake!

At present Charly is sound, fit and very healthy- but in need of a change. Un-fortunately for me his contract is up for renewal and I’m not sure where things will go. Charly could still be a champion eventer- he just needs a better path in 2011. I would love to be the jockey to do this, but don’t know if I’ll have the financial backing to still do so. If he does end up with a new owner and/or rider I hope they realize what a magnificent athlete he is. Charly is a horse of a lifetime and no matter what discipline he does in 2011, he’ll be great at it. I hope to be astride- dressage, eventing or jumpers. But I am starting to face reality and almost willing to see what options are out there for him. I have always thought I’d have a way to see him grow old in a beautiful grass pasture- and maybe I will. Maybe I’ll help find him a home that can afford to give him what he deserves and take him to his next set of achievements.

Even writing this out is painful for me. I ride, teach, train and sell for a living. Charly is my friend and partner- it’s not the same.