Lately there’s been quite a few blog posts about how people are gearing up for the next Olympic games and how they have to get more and better and more horses so USA can be on top.  I dont disagree with any of them that we have to keep our chins up and and find positive ways to be the best that we can be.  In all honesty that’s what being an equestrian was all about, at least that how we feel here within the Havarah team!

One day I as well hope to syndicate another horse and continue to work towards my goals of representing the USA.

However, days like today remind me that if I get there or if I don’t, I just love the journey.  I had quite a few hours of dressage training to do today for most of the horses “day 1” of the week– very humid conditions and plenty of work to be done.  The horses all gave me their best and it made each sweat drop worth while.  Then we loaded up a caravan of trailers and headed out to Fair Hill for xc schooling.  The ground was great, we didn’t get stormed on, the ponies/horses were good and the students even better.  Damn good time was had by all!

To top it all off I received a message on facebook from one of my students from years back in California that was about the sweetest thing anyone could have sent to me. (not to age myself but my first group of “kids” have now finished college and are all off making great strides in the world, definitely doing me proud!)

I believe this message was just meant for me to read, so I apologize in advance for sharing- the message speaks very clearly as to why I love my job. Thank you Christina for taking the time out of your day to make me smile 🙂
Thank you all for reading!
Molly Rosin

“I just wanted to tell you- today I am at Leadership training with Apple
and they asked us to write about the most influential leader in our
life. I wrote about you and everything you taught us girls about being
respectful, goal driven, consistent, ambitious, selfless, and good
negotiators. It took up a full page! Thought you would like to know : )

Love you!