Dr. Steve Berkowitz had, like any horse-shopper looking for the perfect mount, a few requirements for a future horse.

1) Bay… and I mean bay. No white markings, just straight up brown!

2) Tall – Steve is no short stack.

3) It HAD to be a thoroughbred.

4) Something fancy enough to beat out Bryce (Molly’s boyfriend).

Finding the perfect horse can take months, even years. Even so, one may end up with a horse that isn’t necessarily the mount they thought they wanted, or maybe you might have to make some compromises based on budget etc.

Nope. Steve got exactly what he wanted, and it couldn’t have worked out any more perfectly.

Steve purchased Pockets from Patricia Vos who has a farm in VA. She takes in OTTBs and trains them into event horses – Pockets was just meant to be Steve’s future eventing partner.

Being a vet, Steve has always been fascinated by and devotes his life and career to taking care of horses. With the growing “man team” at Havarah, Steve found himself wanting to be part of the man fun.

Thus, he borrowed some half chaps and boots and hopped back on the horses with the intent of finding his own.

Molly says Pockets and Steve could not be a more perfect pair. It’s like Steve acquired a custom-fit horse and they are absolutely adorable together.

You bet you will be seeing this pair hitting the Area II eventing circuit shortly! So check out these photos and be prepared to root the two on!