Along with another horse we have officially added another member to our Havarah team: Bryce – Molly’s boyfriend.

Whoot! Now we’ve got four guys around the barn balancing out all of the feminine energy! The Havarah Men’s Team – as well call it – consists of John Nunn, Andy Goodwin, Alex Robertson (even though he is a dressage guy – but he feels like part of the family) and now Bryce.

Now our barn is about 50/50!

But I’d like to extend a congratulations to Bryce on acquiring Toulousse – a horse that came to us from our wonderful neighbors, Barb and Rody Strang.

Toulousse is a 10 year old TB gelding who raced until he was eight. He was one of Barb’s projects and always seemed like a pretty laid back guy when she’d ride/trailer him over.

Mostly – I’m just excited we finally found Bryce a mount!

He’s been catching rides from horses in training with Molly but since he’s been back in the saddle (after a long break from his pony club days) he’s been wanting a horse to call his own. Who can blame him? Don’t we all?

I knew Toulousse was probably going to be the keeper after driving home one night. I pulled in the drive way and saw Bryce, camera out, toasting Toulousse with a beer (I think he was trying to see if he’d enjoy it as much as Charly does…).

This was pretty cute.

So needless to say we have a new face at the farm and you bet he’ll be profiled soon!

Stay tuned…