On my last visit to California I had a fortunate opportunity to meet and use Michael Agrella’s chiropractic skills. Michael has agreed to come back to the area during our Havarah clinics to help keep the horses and people well alligned. His next visit will be Saturday the 10th of Feb at Riverland Farms in Sanger.

I asked Michael to give us a bit of his background…

” About me, I have 8 years experience with humans and 5
years exp with horses, dogs, and cats (I have even
adjusted a ferret…once!). Chiropractic is my
passion, and my life. For undergraduate studies, I
went to UC Davis, and studied Biology. My
professional license and certification is from Life
Chiropractic College West, and is called “Doctor of
chiropractic”, or chiropractor. I am also licensed by
the AVCA- the American Veterinary Chiropractic
Association (which is a separate one year post
graduate degree program).
Chiropractic for humans and animals covers a very
broad spectrum as far as benefits, uses, and

At that visit a few of us humans had adjustments and I believe at least 4 horses were treated. All of us had nothing but great things to say afterwards.

Anyways just thought I’d share this with you, if you are interested let me know so that I can arrange your lesson time with a work-out from Michael to follow.