In a few days it’ll be Thanksgiving.  That means we are less than a month away from Christmas and as soon as we get through New Years Eve its all about packing and prepping for an awesome 2014 Aiken  season!

If you’re looking to get some ideas for what you can do in 2014 I have listed all the recognized events that we will be going to through Spring as well as many of the un-recognized.  As we get closer to our competitions we will also add in cross country schoolings to the calendar as well.

MK Equestrian has been heading south for 2 months the last 5 years and I think that 2014 could be one of the best seasons yet.  We have some stellar competitors in the group, some fun up and coming horses and as always super great girls to enjoy the process with.

Here is the link to my websites calendar- this is a provisional calendar, we may not be at all of these events.

We will be spending 8 weeks in Aiken.  If you’d like to join let us know!  Plenty of room for horse and human visitors.
Room for 1 additional working student so contact me soon if you’re interested –