I’ve had one of the most productive days I can remember in a long time.  It happens to be nearly impossible to get anything done outside so I decided that I would finally make myself feel at home inside the house I’ve been living in for the last handful of years!

This would never be possible if I wasn’t surrounded by motivated, dedicated and very capable people.  People that have office jobs and bored their horses out are the smart ones today! Having said that someone has to make sure the horses get water and food and have their stalls cleaned- this sounds simple… don’t be fooled!  I’m sure each barn and each person has a system, I feel like for working out of an older barn our team put together a productive and as efficient as possible plan and so far all the horses are happy.  We have a few, one in particular, equine friends that are pretty pissed off that their water keeps getting icey cold and I think we’ll be looking to invest in at least a few non freeze buckets for the future!

Don’t forget to give your barn crew an extra serving of cookies and tea tomorrow because they’re going to be tired and feeling pretty dreary!

In the end, this is ONE day.  After this its only 2 weeks until the trucks and trailers will be packed up and hitting 95 at a very early hour of the morning- AIKEN OR BUST.  This will happen… just a “few” more things to get done before then 🙂

I’m incredibly excited about my horses I have to ride in 2014; I have two horses that I own, BRISTOL INDIAN and THE DIESEL BOY, (I plan on getting both of these 2 horses started in ’14 and then either putting one up for sale or finding a few partners so that they can both keep going), a very special horse PUTTIN ON THE RITZ that will be attempting the RED numbers this year and a NEW OTTB, MASTEREL.  4 tall dark and handsome horses- what else could a girl want??!  Thank you to the owners and sponsors that stand behind us – I hope to make you proud!

Along with our competition horses I will have a few students horses and as always some horses in Aiken to get miles to be the best they can be for their future “shoppers”.  Don’t forget to give me a call or send me an email if you’re looking for a horse or pony!

This winter our horses have been blessed to ride in great footing- thanks to PRINCIPIA STABLES for always keeping the facility top notch, oiling footing as needed, etc!  It makes a huge difference to train horses on proper ground.  I really enjoy spending a full 6 weeks working on flat work, cavelletti’s and gymnastics.  This would be impossible without the use of this great facility.  I feel like my horses are so much better trained and have a great base on them to start their canters and big jump schools.

I look forward to seeing old friends and new this coming season= please stop by and give MK Equestrian’s mascot, Clyde and his new brother REEF a big pet!  Might be a puppy still available- contact me if you’re interested!  molly@mollyrosin.com