Most of my younger years of eventing were spent in California and at that time I would have day dreams about galloping across golf courses because their grass looked like it was made for horse hooves.  We were actually told specifically at the Pebble Beach course that it was a $100 fine per horse hoof on the turf!  This last weekend I was living the dream.  Bright green grass, rolling hills, fun HUGE jumps and I was sitting on three great horses.

Above is a video clip of Puttin on the Ritz at the first combination on his 2* course, the angled houses. This horse was foot perfect that day- I mis read how to ride a combination late on course and so we got a run by penalty there.  As far as I’m concerned he has no idea that he didnt win, as he did in my eyes. That was a great ride.  I feel like I’m back flying across the land on a smart and scopey horse that likes to have fun- just like it was in the Charly days.  Soon I’ll have the whole video- so check back in 🙂

The Diesel Boy came to Plantation ready to dominate- then I sort of mis handled his dressage warm up and created a wild child instead of a fancy obedient one.  Lesson learned!  He ended up with clean jump rounds across a tough 1 star track, I am so amazed at how far this boy has come.  Bristol Indian was my last dressage ride and he put in a real solid effort, I love that this horse is the same in the arena as in the show ring- we will keep doing our homework and will just keep remembering that turtle and the hare story.  🙂  This guy was a blast to show jump and although a little sleepy like on cross country he was extremely honest.  Next time I’m going to practice finding the gas pedal.

Robyn Weaver and Azrael are a new partnership at the Preliminary level and wow were they put to the test with the jump rounds this weekend.  In a way only Robyn could she took “Kevin” from being totally overwhelmed and nervous in the beginning of the show jump course to being confident and proud of himself.  This was amazing to watch and the confidence carried over to their foot perfect cross country course.  This pair dominated at training level this year and I’m so proud of them for tackling these BIGGER questions and figuring out a bit more about the game every time out.