Well the good news is I have internet… the bad news is it’s crazy busy here so I apologize for delayed blogging!

Yes, the Havarah Team all made it safe and sound!

Everyone arrived at the beautiful Chattahoochee Hills Eventing Center on Tuesday and we must say: the facility is impressive.

The crew got the horses all settled in and hand-walked, with John Nunn leading Smiley behind a golf cart… this was either laziness or brilliance as I told him… and so not P.C.

But anyways… everyone wore a smile Tuesday because A) the long trip was over and B) we get to be at the AEC!

Dressage went underway today and tomorrow is the best part: Cross Country! With Molly competing Indie at Novice she will have two cross-country rides and one dressage ride tomorrow.

John had a great test today and is overwhelmed and excited to be competing at a tremendous event which he’s backed since its inception.

Well, that’s all for now… sorry for the short post but I figured you all were worried about us and wanted to know we made it down here safely! :).

I will do my best to keep you in the know for the rest of the weekend!

Hope all those at home are staying dry….