I honestly have never been so excited to return home to California as I was for this trip. I was soooo looking forward to sunshine and warmth! The east coast is continuing to be COLD and windy, rainy and snowy…I can’t complain b/c it is also plush green and beatiful, all I’m saying is I need some sun!

Havarah Equestrian had a substantial showing at this April Ram Tap, 10 riders; Even better was that all ten were GOOD riders with GOOD horses. I was super pleased with all the horses behaviors and all the riding talent that we had. I like to think that each event has it’s purpose and this events purpose was to go out there and truely ride your horses not just compete them. One day everyone will be at the point where truely riding your horse makes you extremely competitive…this of course is the big goal 🙂

As much praise as I’d like to give you all for that I also want to pass along that I was really not super pleased with some of the horsemanship I saw back at the barn. Even though we are bringing horses together from multiple places when we’re at horse shows the Havarah group needs to behave as one “team” and the horses are part of that. They all need to have a feeding schedule, fed at the same time; morning chores should be done as a team so the barn is complete as well as the evening chores. The horses did come up to the show ring looking put together, but back at the barn they had sweat stains, dirty stalls, and large messes in front of their houses…I really don’t like being the un-happy trainer, but not taking good care of your horses is the quickest way to making me frustrated…let’s make sure that Shephard Ranch in June is a different story! 🙂

The May clinic is in planning stages, if you don’t have a training schedule for the next month contact me ASAP.

Make sure to look at your photos at Ed’s website… pictures are worth 1,000 words!