My first four days here in Aiken have been a wonderful whirlwind! I arrived very late Sunday night to a gorgeous facility owned by Peter Barry. The next day I was kept busy from sun up to sun down, un-packing and organizing tack, feed, and equipment for the four horses that came with me and then meeting the 5th horse that arrived late Monday evening. I did, however, manage to meet Katie, my new roomate, the two of us are living in a double wide half a mile down the street from the horses 4 star accomadations! I have my priorities straight! Oh and I also took my first hack in Aiken; Charly and I followed Peter, Coleen and Alexandra over to Phillip Duttons to watch them in their jump lessons and learn the paths.

Tuesday was a bit of a learning curve figuring out which horses to turn out together and when. Everything worked itself out and now everyone has great buddies and neighbors and a schedule that suits them. That day we finished getting all of the 5th horses stuff settled and managed to get everyone ridden!

Wednesday was a nice lovely day with 20 degree weather and a wind chill that made it feel like 14 degree weather. I made it over to Full Gallop farm to watch the horse trials, but after a half hour decided to head back to our barn and ride in hopes of warming up!

Thursday was again a busy day, John Nunn and I unloaded an entire truck load of hay and then went cross country schooling. His young horse, Smiley, and Lynn’s young horse, Rudy, both were total champions. I was very impressed with how well John and Smiley are doing in considerations of Smiley’s greeness and extremely pleased with how easy going and smart Rudy is.

Today Charly and Manhatten (Liz Patrick’s horse that I’ll be competing this month) are heading over to have a jump school with Boyd Martin…. Then I believe there’ll be some body clipping going on this weekend in preparation for the 70 degree weather that’s supposedly soon to come!