It was back in November or December that Molly informed us we would be getting a couple Connemaras in for training. My mind immediately jumped back to this buck-skinned powerhouse that always beat out my off-the-track, green thoroughbred at Novice.

Needless to say I was eager to work with one of these animals that had easily stolen away those blue ribbons… but I wasn’t expecting Archie to walk off the trailer.

And let me just start by saying: I love this horse. He is just so sweet and well-mannered.

Archie is a 2003 Connemara/Cross by Kynynmont Dublin(sire) and Greystone Irish Rose(dam). Don’t let the Connemara in his breeding fool you… this is a very lovely HORSE!

Archie is half Connemara and half TB/Selle Francais/Canadian Hunter. Standing at 16 hands he is definitely not a pony, and his movement displays the warmblood in him.

Archie was one of the original Connemaras who came to Havarah last fall (we now have three at the farm). From the beginning Molly realized he was special and had a ton of potential. With beautiful movement and a solid jump, Molly believed Archie had the makings of a pro.

From handling Archie on the ground I can honestly say he is one of my favorites. He’s like that sweet guy friend you can always confide in and enjoy spending time with. I don’t think this boy has a mean bone in his body. Yes, I know people always say that about horses, but I have never seen this guy do anything ill-mannered in the eight or so months I have known him.

To better describe this horse I need to make him human. If he were a person, he would be very “metro”. You know those skinny, good-looking guys who have a better fashion sense than most woman? These types of guys are the best ones to shop with because they are very honest, and Archie is definitely very honest when it comes to his training.

Archie started competing Beginner Novice in Aiken, SC during the winter months and as this level seemed too easy for him he quickly moved up to novice and is hopefully making the leap to training soon.

Molly and Archie’s owner, Pam Liddell, are determined to show the eventing world that there is a new breed to take home the blues at the upper levels.

More than it being a pleasure to work with Archie it has been a pleasure to have Pam Liddell as part of the Havarah team. Her passion for these horses has led her to allow Molly to compete three of them!

Archie is for sale and looking for that special someone to take him all the way to reach his full potential in Eventing! Interested? Email

In addition, Pam has many more Connemara ponies and horses at Kynynmont Connemaras, LLC.