Molly Kinnamon has dedicated her professional life to the sport of eventing and is steadfast in her approach to developing horses to the highest level of their ability or the sport.  Along the way, she’s learned that no big dreams are possible without hard work, humility and the determination, building on the smaller experiences that have come her way.

Early in her career Molly attended California State University at Fresno on a full scholarship competing with the Varsity Equestrian Team.  This strong foundation provided Molly with the mindset that building a team is paramount in the success of MK Equestrian.  To this day Molly focuses on fostering a sense of teamwork and positive training methods within her staff, students, clients and supporters in an effort to bring out the talent in each horse and rider.

Molly is extremely thankful to her full time staff and working students who devote themselves to the daily responsibilities required in an upper level eventing operation.  In addition to this full time staff their are several key players who are key to the fluid operation at MK Equestrian.  Those people are:  Rob Ambler, Betsy Weaver, Steve Teichman of Chester County Farrier Associates, Kathy Anderson of Equine Vet Care and Steve Berkowitz of Unionville Equine.

Our owners and clients are also paramount to the success of our team and they are:
Nancy, Dick and Alyssa Klavans, Denis and Bambi Glaccum, Ron and Densey Juvonen, Pam Liddel.

We invite you to get to know the key players at MK Equestrian and to join our team!