Well at 3 a.m. Kara and I began the routine wrapping and switching out blankets for coolers, and detailing out the horse’s halters with fuzziness.

Then, we loaded 10 horses: Benny, Carson, Rivan, Smiley, Fabio, Zhen, Piney, Leto, Toulousse and Sabrina, on a van to Aiken. All the horses thank goodness were phenomenal to load (they must have sensed I am NOT a morning person so they best be on good behavior 😉 ).

Then, a short 12 hours later or so, they arrived in Aiken! Molly says the pastures and stalls are magnificent – and as you will see in a photo shortly following – they girls seem to be happy in their new, sunny atmosphere.

Enjoy these photos and an Aiken update will be following shortly!